Lowry Capital

Lowry Capital is a principal lender of bridging finance, lending on residential investment, semi-commercial and commercial property throughout England Scotland and Wales.

Lowry Capital has a strong track record of lending throughout Scotland with no postcode restrictions including the Scottish isles,  Highlands and throughout the major cities.

Lowry Capital is a bespoke lender of bridging finance for businesses and property investors. As a principal lender, we lend our own money and make our own lending decisions. Our bridging finance fund is most often used for:

·         The purchase or refinance of residential, semi-commercial and commercial properties

·         Properties in need of heavy refurbishment (finance available in stages if required)

·         The purchase of auction properties

·         Projects that require funding in stages

·         The completion of development projects

·         The conversion of commercial properties into residential

·         Time critical transactions (property, business funding, tax liabilities etc.)

·         Secured business funding (business investment, cashflow, growth funding etc.)