Magellan Homeloans

Magellan Homeloans offers mortgage intermediaries product solutions for your clients who are finding it difficult to access mortgage finance because of their personal circumstances, employment status or past credit history.

With a manual underwriting approach without any credit scoring, the Magellan Near Prime and Credit Repair product ranges offer you a variety of solutions for complex client circumstances and can accomodate borrowers:

  • With a credit score decline who would benefit from a flexible underwriting approach, including self-employed borrowers with a 12 months trading record;
  • Who have historic or recent CCJ’s or defaults registered against them;
  • Are currently in or have recently been discharged from a Debt Management Plan or IVA;
  • Who are limited by the traditional high street income multiples and affordability calculators;
  • With a complex employment status including zero hours, agency and fixed-term contracts;
  • Benefiting from family provided undervalue sales and gifted deposits.